Exfoliations & packages

Treatments that provide all round pampering and reinvigorate your body.
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Full-body exfoliation

Rose petals
Particularly recommended with dry and sensitive skin. Alkaline rice wax exfoliation with ground rose petals. Prevents skin ageing, refines the skin appearance, and has a harmonising, balancing and relaxing effect.
 Duration: ca. 25 min. € 42,-
Rock salt & St. John’s wort
This body exfoliation effectively removes impurities from the skin. Fine body exfoliation made of pure rock salt, provides valuable trace elements and important minerals. Combined with sumptuous olive oil and whey, the skin is moisturised, fed and intensively hydrated, in a wonderfully gently way. Extracts of vitamin rich brewer’s yeast and St. John’s wort stimulate the circulation and regeneration, clear, smooth and tighten at the same time. Wonderful fine tuning for the body, which gives the skin back its youthful strength.
 Duration: ca. 25 min. € 45,-

Body wraps in the floating Soft pack

The compositions of nourishing ingredients make the skin supple, moisturize, soothe, smooth and leave a pleasant feeling on the skin.

Pomegranate contains many energizers, protects the skin from free radicals and optimizes cell metabolism. Prevents skin irritation and cares for dry skin. It strengthens the contours and preserves the elasticity of the skin. Purely basic product with a skin-neutral pH and wonderfully fruity, exotic pomegranate fragrance.
 Duration: ca. 30 min. € 45,-
Anti - Age
The nourishing rejuvenating cure with grape fruit acid. Moisturizes, relieves feelings of tension, refines the pores, tightens the skin appearance sustainably, very nourishing.
 Duration: ca. 30 min. € 33,-