The Vitalquelle - more than just a name, but a very specific philosophy

Our Vitalquelle embodies the origin and essence of our convictions. It is the source of your well-being, your health and your joy. Similar to a life-giving spring water that provides energy and freshness, we also want to be a source of health, vitality and happiness in your life.

Philosophy of the five senses

What do we humans need to delight our five senses and take us to new shores?

We long to stimulate our senses and have new experiences that take us out of the daily grind. The opportunity to take a 'mental break' is an urgent need for many of us. A break to experience new pleasures and recharge our energy reserves. The stress of everyday life accompanies us even into our dreams. But healthy tension is good for us. We need this alternating tension and sometimes even a complete reversal. The magic word is 'variety'. Variety at work, in our leisure time and on holiday.

This is exactly what Vitalquelle Montafon offers you - variety, excitement and relaxation. With us you can revitalise your senses, discover new things and relax in a varied environment. Treat yourself to the time-out you deserve and immerse yourself in a world full of variety and renewal at Vitalquelle Montafon.